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Missinaibi River
Kettle Falls
Missinaibi River
 Missinaibi River has very limited access, a factor which has contributed to preserving its unspoiled nature. Its designation as a waterway provincial park and its inclusion in the Canadian Heritage Rivers System are intended to ensure that visitors will be able to explore the Missinaibi ’s challenging wilderness for many years to come. It flows northeasterly for 596 kilometres from the Abitibi Uplands north of Chapleau to its confluence with the Moose River in the James Bay Lowlands. It drains over 86,000 hectares of land and offers one of the longest, unimpeded stretches of wilderness river environments found in Ontario's Wilderness Region. The Missinaibi River itself lacks facilities and services; these characteristics enhance the river’s wilderness appeal, but make it best suited to active travelers looking for a challenging, yet reasonably safe, wilderness canoe and camping trip which is fully guided by experienced outfitters.

Route Information
Start Location (put-in)
Missinaibi Waterway Park
12 - 69
7 - 43
Lake Missinaibi to Mattice
Mattice to Moosonee , James Bay

No. of Portages : 0+26+8
Total Portage Distance : 8125m
Average Portage Length : 217 m
Longest Portage : 2650 m
River Travel :Novice - Expert
Lake Travel : Novice
Portaging : easy - strenuous
Remoteness : intermediate - extreme
Federal Topo Maps (1:250,000) : Foleyet (42B), Kapuskasing (42G), Smokey Falls (42J), Moose River (42I), and Moosanee (42P)
Provincial Series (1:100,000)   : Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Route Description
While the headwaters of the Missinaibi River are accessible to all canoeists the protion northebound from Missinaibi Village should only be tackled by experienced wilderness enthusiasts. The upper Missinaibi River, from the end of Missinaibi Lake to Mattice is a 236 km route with 28 portages requiring 10–12 days. The lower Missinaibi River, from Mattice to the Moose River rail crossing and on to Moosonee, is a 320 km route with 6–10 portages requiring 7–9 days.
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